8Lady Ceramic Platter: Indigo on White


The platter is hand-built from Stoneware clay and has 8 African lady figures which hold hands in a spirit of unity around its rim. They wear their African headscarves and some carry their babies on their backs. The platter is hand-painted in geometric African patterns using an Indigo glaze, reminiscent of the blue Schweshwe patterns so beloved by all South Africans.


Hang this gorgeous platter on the wall as a unique piece of decorative wall art or to use as a fruit dish on a table.


UMUNTU ngumuntu ngabantu

It is a complex Nguni word that means “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.


I am what I am because of who we all are.”


In Africa, the definition of an individual is community-based and not individualist. The Ubuntu bowls with their women holding hands in a spirit of Ubuntu, represent this philosophy.

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Metallic on black, Bright on white, UNI Orange, UNI Lime

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  1. EIZadmin

    I think this is the best ceramics packing I have ever seen! All pieces are in perfect condition and we are so happy to have these lovely pieces in our home.

    All the best to you and the team!


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