Making World Class Ceramics in Africa!

As part of Africa’s design story, that’s what we do here at Zizamele Ceramics in Cape Town, South Africa.  We are a team of artisanal women potters who are working together to create a range of handmade and hand-painted African ceramics.  All members of the team are from the local community.  

Our products can be purchased online through our website or at our retail outlet, Stand D1, The Watershed V&A Waterfront, CAPE TOWN

View the safe travel protocols at the V&A Waterfront here


Our signature pottery product is called The Ubuntu Bowl, an African version of the Friendship Bowl.

Handmade Ceramic Tiny Ubuntu Bowl indigo on white glaze with 1Lady clay figure
Handmade Ceramic Ubuntu Bowl bright on white glaze with 3Lady clay figures
Handmade Ceramic Ubuntu Bowl white on white glaze with 8Lady clay figures

Some of our bestsellers

Handmade Ceramic Ubuntu Bowl dark blue on white glaze with 8Lady clay figures
african ceramics
Handmade Ceramic Tiny Angel Bowl in Charcoal Clay Metallic glaze gold lustre 2 clay lady figures
Handmade Ceramic Standing Angel in Xhosa headdress bright glaze on white stoneware

See what our online clients say about our service and packaging!

“Your intuition and positive thoughts worked!  My BEAUTIFUL new bowl is happily situated on my kitchen table.  It brings a huge smile to my face.Thank you for all the care you put into making it and packing it for the voyage.  It has been a true pleasure to work with you, and I enjoy following your team on FB.  Special ladies doing special things.  I’m in your balcony cheering you on!  Please give the ladies my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you” – Sandy Nichol (USA)
“The bowls are amazing!  My wife is thrilled.  Thank you so much!”  Paul Milligan, (UK)
“The 2 bowls and candlestick arrived safely!  Thoroughly well wrapped and boxed.  They are beautiful!” – Pamela Davis (AUSTRALIA)
“We received the beautiful pottery today. Thank you!  I think this is the best ceramics packing I have ever seen! All pieces are in perfect condition and we are so happy to have these lovely pieces in our home.   All the best to you and the team! – Stephanye Streule
“My ladies arrived in perfect condition.  I will never forget your kindnesses in getting these to me – it wasn’t easy but I shall cherish them and think of you, in South Africa, with so much admiration and affection always.  Thank you.” – Vicki Chin (SAN DIEGO)

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