We do Commissions

The Zizamele team can create items within or similar to the current range on offer in colours of your choice. Some of our items are ideal for corporate gifts in large numbers and others are more suited to that special once-off gift. Commissions ensure that the final pieces hold sentimental value resulting in it not just being a possession but a reflection of personal relationships.


During the Covid pandemic we were asked by the organisers of the feature film, The Woman King, to create beautiful wheel thrown pots in rich terracotta that they assembled into window screens for their “Great Hall”.  Much to their delight, two of our staff were also included in the film shoot as extras!

Once fired, the pots were assembled into long lines kept in place with stainless steel poles pushed through holes in their bases and tops.  These stainless-steel poles were then attached into the three window frames. 

The Great Hall is an exquisite space furnished with unique African style decor that wouldn’t be out of place in an upmarket game lodge! 

Zizamele also made a range of traditional looking “Japanese porcelain” in blue and white that was to be broken in a Kung Fu style fight in a different movie.  


Zizamele was asked to create 6 mini bus taxis out of clay for the “Blue Dot” Taxi association as end of year gifts.

Every detail on them had to be exactly as they look from the number plates to the bright colours along the back and the “serial number” of the taxi on its side.

SARB Heritage Day Event

We have done numerous orders with Geskenk for the corporate sector.  Our 2lady tiny bowl is highly favoured for these orders

In 2022, Zizamele produced 200 of the 2lady tiny bowls in various shades of blue for the SA Reserve Bank Heritage Day event.   In December we did 20 of our popular oil burners in white for them as well.

VINCEVAN DER BYL and Masi Sports

People in the South know that ex Springbok cricketer Vince Van der Bijl is very involved in sports development.  He created a foundation called Masisports to bring about change and raise funds for the children at local schools.

Vince has designed his own 8lady bowl for him to use as a “Speakers and Sponsors” gift. It comprises a variety of 8 local Women of Africa and is painted in various neutral tones and black and white. We are proud to say that so far he has given these to Peter Hain, Skurra Ntobeni, Allan Winde and numerous other influential people.